I introduced you to Dr. James Merritt a bit ago in the Apprising Ministries piece Homosexuality And Jonathan Merritt. James Merritt is a former SBC president and Jonathan is his son.

Dr. Merritt is senior pastor of Cross Pointe Church (CPC), where prior to admitting to a homosexual encounter, Jonathan Merritt was on staff as a consultant running staff meetings at CPC.

Sources in and around CPC have expressed to me that there is concern about James Merritt, not only about his son basically receiving a pass concerning his sin, but that he’s becoming rather squishy.

His involvement with Billion Soul Network ((http://billion.tv/resources/the-global-church-learning-center/james-merritt-how-to-preach-to-any-audience/, accessed 10/20/21.)) along with Emergent Church theologian Leonard Sweet ((http://billion.tv/2012/05/19/leonard-sweet-3/, accessed 10/20/12.)) would certainly give reason for concern; as does his twitter stream where I’ve often seen him sound almost emerging.

Yesterday we get an example of the Emerging Church and Seeker Driven position attacking those who dare to criticize their mythology. I can tell you that for such as these there is no such thing as a godly critic.

This is what’s truly behind Merritt’s tweet below:


So, I put it in a proper perspective:


For you see, they consider criticism slander; but at the same time, they have no problem criticizing their critics…

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