Well…when you don’t really believe in the all-suffiency of God’s infallible, inerrant, Word in the Bible, then you’ll send out tweets about “sermon” series like what follows.

Apprising Ministries has told you, e.g. in ER Curator James MacDonald Points Us To Conferences of Interest, that Steven Furtick considers Groeschel his “pastor.”

The fact is Craig Groeschel, approached by apostate Doug Pagitt concerning what would become the Emerging Church, is a Lieutenant General in the Seeker driven camp.

Just a bit ago Groeschel would tweet:


Following that hash tag we eventually find the latest bait and switch technique employed by Groeschel and his megachurch gathering :


Ah yes, what better way to bring people closer to God than to read your own meanings into secular movies and practicing narcigesis while reading yourself into Scripture:

[mejsvideo src=”″ width=640 height=360]

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