Rick “The Snake” Groeschel, lead pastor of Saddlefront Life’s Dreamcenter Potential Gathering of Christ-Followers, is seen here preparing for tomorrow’s sermon “Maybe We’ve Misunderstood Satan All Along.”

Groeschel is also a leading missiologist for the GC/SBC’s Life-lost-way research team. “We know God’s dream for the world is that all of His creation live in peace,” Groeschel tells Internet News reporter Biff Barf.

The Snake’s a big believer in the importance of contextualizing the mission of the church and spent the better part of the past two years having surgery and obtaining what he felt was the “proper body art” to transform himself.

When asked why he would choose to undertake such a journey Groeschel replied, “All about love, man. It’s one thing to criticize the devil. But I thought, how can we really understand Satan until we become like him?”

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