If it sounds like something I made up, I assure you that truth is often stranger than fiction. I’ve often said here at Apprising Ministries that you just simply cannot make this kind of stuff up. People parody themselves now.

Turns out that 36 year-old Nadine Schweigert, a divorced yoga instructor from Fargo, North Dakota, could no longer wait for some Mr. Right. So, um…she decided she’d go ahead and tie the knot, ah—well…with herself.

It seems she:

stood on the altar by herself for a ceremony attended by 40 of her friends. At the ceremony she exchanged rings with her “inner groom” and guests were encouraged to “blow kisses at the world”. (source)

Here’s a taste of her vows to her true self:

“I, Nadine, promise to enjoy inhabiting my own life and to relish a lifelong love affair with my beautiful self.” (source)

The Bible does teach that as the Age of Grace draws near the end — people will be lovers of self (2 Timothy 3:2). Looks like we have a definite fulfillment here in yogi Schweigert:

During a candid interview with chat show host Anderson Cooper, Schweigert revealed that her marriage choice was all about self-empowerment.

“I feel very empowered, very happy, very joyous. I want to share that with people, and also the people that were in attendance, it’s a form of accountability,” she said. (source)

And apparently Schweigert’s been wooing herself for a while now:

In addition to her solo union, Ms Schwigert said she often went on date nights alone and bought treats and gifts for herself. (source)

Well, she finally won herself over, popped the question, and said, yes, to…herself. You know, curious sort that I am, I just can’t help wondering if she also makes herself feel “bubbly” as well:

[mejsvideo src=”″ width=640 height=360]

Below you’ll hear yogi Schwigert tell Anderson Cooper this marriage to herself wasn’t a ploy for attention. Yeah, so I guess that’s why she went on national TV, to point that out…and avoid attracting any attention:

[mejsvideo src=”″ width=640 height=360]

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