By Dr. Bill Jackson
Christians Evangelizing Catholics

Why do they come streaming across the Mexican border? Is it to find a better life style and a chance to enjoy much bettter existence? They would answer positively to this.

If you asked the same question to a sovereign God, He would give you a much different answer, THEY COME TO BE EVANGELIZED, for I have members of my Body who reside in USA and should be able to give them the Gospel.

But what if I don’t speak Spanish? Then there are millions of English speaking Catholics who, when they come to Christ can do something to reach the illegals.

And there is an organization geared especially to help you do this, It is the Assn of Fundamentalists Evangelizing Catholics – known popularly as AFEC.

Who? I never heard of them.

That is probably because they are more interested in the work God has given them than in self promotion.

Yet in the 23 years of their existence, invitations to our conferences have been sent to hundreds of pastors and dozens of Chrisians who have attended our conferences – once. Excuses for non-attenance vary. Some said it was too far from them, but they will attend other rallies, conferences and even class reunions.

Yet this group (AFEC) is ministering to the one of the largest blocks of unsaved souls in the world.

Maybe I just typed the answer. Many Christians don’t really think Catholics are unsaved. One Christian said to Alex Dunlap, the Founder of The Conversion Center, “My next door neighbor is a Catholic, and when I was sick, she brought me a bowl of soup every night. Certainly she must be saved.”

Alex repled, “Yes, your Catholic neighbor must be saved IF God said, “Whosoever bringeth soup to his Christian neighbor shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Often, men who are looked to for spiritual leadership might have good ideas of how to reach the Jews, but drop the ball when it comes to reaching Catholics.

Jack van Impe recently severed his connection with Paul Crouch and TBN (the question to ask is should he have ever had this yoking, 2 Cor 6:14ff)? The cause of the separation was TBN’s accepting Islam as a viable alternative to Christianity as a way to Heaven.

Over 50 years ago, Van Impe was converted from Catholicism and soon began a prophetic ministry and memorized large portions of the Bible. He had often taught from the Bible that Russia would have a part in end-time prophecy.

A few years ago he stated on his radio broadcast that now this has been confirmed – by the Marian apparition in Portugal of Our Lady of Fatima.

Another luminary, Chuck Colson of Watergate fame shocked the world with a bold testimony of his being born again. His Prison Ministy, which followed soon after, became a means of salvation and blessing to hundreds. He is married to Patty, a cradle Catholic. When Christians try to witness to her, Chuck tells them this is not necessary because Patty was born again when she was baptized in the Catholic church.

Added to this was Chuck’s signing the Evangelical and CatholicTogether statemen which said, along with other blasphemies, “Evangelicals and Catholics are brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Pastors have been known to shy away from the missions in AFEC because they have members that adored Mother Teresa was told she could open a convent in Yemen but no priest would be allowed. Mother Teresa said, “If we don’t have a priest we won’t have Jesus” (as the priest is the only one able to effect transubstantiation, changing the wafer into jesus. (deliberate lower case “j.”

Other pastors are afraid that visitors will be offended. I have preached in several churches and, while the Catholics didn’t like everything I said, they recognized it was said in love and took no umbridge.

When a fundamentalist pastor in California hears of a conference to help him reach millions of Catholics, he should leave no stone unturned in his efforts to attend. He will travel 3000 miles to have a week of fellowship and Bible teaching (which we don’t begrudge him) but not drive across town (in that terrible traffic) to get resources to help him reach his mission field.

I have never met a Christian in all the 22 conferences we have held, that has not been richly blest. Make this a priority, and you will not regret the spiritual work God will do in your heart.

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