A large part of this online apologetics and discernment work of Apprising Ministries is cover foolish trends developing within rapidly apostatizing mainstream evanjellyfish as it continues its lust for acceptance by unregenerate mankind and his world system ruled by Satan.

Yes I know, that’s so yesterday, and apparently embarrassing  to those so seduced by the man-centered semi-pelagian (at best) Church Growth Movement, which is far more deeply rooted within largely pretending to be Protestant evangelicalism than you may even realize right now.

Now consider Pastor Accused of Denying Communion to Churchgoers Who Didn’t Give Tax Refunds in the report below:

Members of a small Baptist congregation in Texas say their pastor denied them communion after they refused to give him their tax refunds, reports. Parishioners at the Houston Unity Baptist Church claim the pastor, John Goodman, asked members of his congregation to hand over their tax refunds to the church…

Goodman has admitted to denying his congregation communion but said he did so because church members overall have failed to support the church financially — like giving money toward its new parking lot. (Online source)

Pastor Calls Flock Devils, Demons: