“What do you think about the Christ?” (Matthew 22:42)

Jesus teaches the remarkable parable about the wedding feast and reveals how those who were first invited were not worthy to enter, but the ones who were worthy to come were those who were scattered abroad.  The Pharisees respond by trying to trap Jesus in his speech in order that they could condemn him.  They ask him about whom to pay taxes too.  The Sadducees then take their try at Jesus by asking a confusing question about a woman being married to seven different men and whose wife would she be in the resurrection.  The Pharisees return and ask a question in regards to the law (they even get a lawyer to ask the question).  Jesus deals with all of these questions masterfully and then he asks a question of his own.  “What do you think about the Christ?”

In this day and age people enjoy asking questions as much as the Pharisees and the Sadducees.  What happened to the dinosaurs?  What denomination of church should a person go to?  What about the book of Jashar?  What is your thought ecclesiology?  What is your view of election?  What is the best Bible translation?  Where do babies go when they die?  What happens to people who never hear the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Is hell going to be a place of eternal punishment?  If so, why?  What is the age of accountability?  The questions and the discussions in regards to the questions are endless. 

Jesus presses this question before us, “What do you think about the Christ?”  Who do you consider him to be?  What present effect does He have upon your life?  Does your life look like His?  Does your speech resemble His?  Do your prayers look like His?  Do you think He is truly God in human flesh?  Do you think He really will judge the living and the dead?  Do you think that He rose from the dead and ascended to heaven and is seated at the right hand throne of God to reign for all eternity?  Do you think He is going to return soon?  Do you think that He is the only way by which man can be saved? 

Dearly beloved, let us talk about Christ and all of His glory.  He is a great Savior and He is the final judge.  When all of life’s questions have come to an end, will you be found in Christ?  When death knocks at your door will you be identified with those who have repented and believed upon Jesus Christ for eternal life?

J. Randall Easter, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Briar, Azle, TX.
II Timothy 2:19
“He who sells cheapest shall have most customers; the devil knows that it is a cheap and easy doctrine which pleases the flesh, and he doubts not but he shall have customers enough.” (Thomas Watson