This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church. (Ephesians 5:32)

The scenario of marriage is used, not only teach the roles of husband and wife, but also to direct us to a right understanding of Christ and His church. Paul shows submission to be the place of honor for the wife. Likewise the church, as the bride of Christ, is to be submissive to Christ who is her head. The husband is given the highest challenge to love his wife in the same way that Christ loved the church. Husbands are to give themselves up, sanctify, cleanse, present the wife without spot or wrinkle, present the wife in holiness without blemish, and to love their wives as themselves. The husband and wife are to be joined together in such a way that the two become one flesh. The covenant relationship between husband and wife is to represent the covenant relationship of Christ and his church.

If a man is to look around America and the rest of the world it will be readily seen that the view of marriage is devastatingly low and people’s view of the church follows along in like fashion. Marriages are discarded over trivial things and people abandon the church over the smallest of matters. Marriage’s hold together as long as it works to the best interest of both parties, but when one spouse does not have their fleshly ways satisfied they simply jump out of the marriage to pursue another self-fulfilling alternative. Men and women join churches and make commitments to serve the Lord and support the church, but as soon as their flesh is not satisfied they forsake the church in search of another place that will possibly bring them self-fulfillment. The general average for the tenure of a pastor is about 1 to 2 years and the same can be said about many people who join a church. They will join and submit to Christ in the local church for a few years and then divorce the church at the first sign of difficulty.

The marriages that work through difficulties will possess a more mature love and experience the greatest of blessings. The believers who persevere through trials and hardships of the local church will experience the greatest blessings from the hand of the Lord. Dearly beloved, I urge you to serve your local church. Christ is the head and you are the body so stay faithful to the head. The greatest institution on earth is the local church and Christ will be favorable to those who love her.

J. Randall Easter, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Briar, Azle, TX.
II Timothy 2:19
“A dog barks when his master is attacked. I would be a coward if I saw that God’s truth is attacked and yet would remain silent.” –John Calvin