This just in from Internet News headquarters, where our motto is: If it’s news; it’s news to us. Dateline your town: There’s been some talk around the blogosphere recently about the possible development of something that’s coming to be known as “ODMs.” 

It’s been suggested by people in the “no” that these odious ODMs have lately been busy actually developing an official hierarchy within their own “ODM world.” We’ve dreamed that up until now this alleged sinister ODM group, which some believe to be a heinous conspiracy to follow the biblical admonition of Jude 3, has largely been an Internet rumor. 

Yes, that is, up until now. Internet News has just obtained this exclusive photo below, snapped only yesterday by the “no” paparazzi. It’s now thought that this may actually be the enigmatic Ken Silva of Apprising Ministries, who’s been rumored to possibly even be a very high mucky muck of these insipid ODMs. 

This very rare photo was taken as ODMs hurriedly came emerging from their latest powwow somewhere in an underground bunker by brackish lagoons deep within the backwater forests of some secluded hills.