I’ve pointed out many times now that as a general rule, and a courtesy, we do not publish email without the permission of the sender. However at the same time, all email sent to AM and Christian Research Network is considered the property of Apprising Ministries so we may indeed publish unsolicited email for the purposes of edification.

The ones which follow below are published by permission of their authors:  

Pastor Ken.
It has been years since I first discovered gospel teachings on your website. Thanks to that I converted from being  a contemplative chrisitan (following the likes of Thomas Merton)  to an ardent Calvinist christian.

Pastor Ken, you may never know what a blessing you are to many in this life but your reward is with the Father. If you despair, I remind you like I remind myself, we aren’t home yet! I wish you God’s blessings for the new year.
Simon Thomas
South Africa

Praise be to God for what you do here.  I’m preparing to teach the Reformation doctrines of grace to Baptists in my community who have never heard them, and I will gladly share your website with the students.  Fantastic resource.  Grace and peace to you.

I just wanted to tell you how much I like your website! In fact, it is my home page on all of my computers! I often find myself referring to articles here, past and present, when discussing the condition of the church. I firmly believe that the church as the body of Christ is alive and well. It’s the human institution of the church and it’s current direction that is particularly bothersome. For that reason, I thoroughly enjoy coming to your website at least once daily to check in on things, so to speak.

I post often to a prophecy forum and one of my biggest desires is to get people to follow 2 Tim. 2.15 and I tell them that EVERYTHING that comes our way MUST be weighed against the truth of the Scriptures! If it is a “new gospel”, then it’s a LIE.

Your site helps me to learn and discern, and pass on as well, much of what is happening with the Emergent Church heresy and all those who espouse it’s teachings. The work you do is something near and dear to my heart, and that is exposing the lies creeping into the church while also praying for not only those leading it but those deceived by it. As you know, Jesus died for them too and they need to repent and come out of that garbage.

In any event, thanks again for all that you do and all the great articles and information you provide!! It has helped me in my own walk and I hope that what I’ve shared with others as a result of AM will also serve to bring them closer to the Lord and equip them for every good work!!

God bless you and have a blessed new year!!

In His service,