This is a brief follow-up to the Apprising Ministries piece The Manhattan Declaration Of Christian Conscience.

You can find the link to this document etc. in that prior post; here I point you to an opinion piece for Christian Post where Dr. Al Mohler, one of the original signers of The Manhattan Declaration, gives his reasoning process behind why he did so.

Dr. Mohler begins:

I am not inclined to sign manifestos or petitions. While believing strongly and passionately about many causes, I am not usually impressed with the effectiveness of such statements and I am generally concerned about how such statements might be used or construed by others. I am not reluctant to speak for myself and from my own Christian convictions and consequent judgments.

Furthermore, the constant exchange of opposing statements on this or that issue merely crowds the public square as opposing viewpoints compete for attention. So, for reasons perhaps both admirable and not so admirable, I prefer to stand on my own public statements.

But I signed The Manhattan Declaration. Indeed, I am among the original signatories to that statement, released to the public at the National Press Club last Friday. Why? … (Online source)

You can read Dr. Mohler’s commentary in its entirety here.