In Apprising Ministries articles like Emerging Church And Adele Sakler Transform Gay Agenda In Evangelicalism and Christian Agnostic Adele Sakler And Samir Selmanovic Discuss Christian Atheism I’ve introduced you to practicing lesbian “Christ-follower” Adele Sakler aka Existential Punk (EP). You may know that Sakler heads up Queermergent, a group within the egregiously ecumenical Emerging Church de-formation of the Christian faith aka Emergent Church—now morphing into Emergence Christianity (EC)—An Emergent Safe House for the LGBTQ Community.

As you can see in Meet Outlaw Preachers Sakler’s also made the dubious choice to align herself with that largely Biblically illiterate, and rather rapscallion bunch now sprouting up around head Outlaw gay affirming “pastor” Jay Bakker. Today I received the email below, by which time I had already read it online at Sakler’s EP website as the post Dear Ken . . . That was fine by me, and since she’d decided we’d do this publicly, in the same vein I will publish the reply I sent Adele right below her email:


i just wanted to write and thank you sincerely for all the traffic you bring to my two blogs. Even though people rarely comment, it’s real nice that you help my stats increase!

i know we disagree on most everything related to faith. Yet, the common denominator we have in common is our faith in Jesus Christ. That, sir, is the most important thing to me. G-D commands us to Love him and to love others as we love ourselves. Kindness and grace go a long way.

i know you feel like you are doing what you are supposed to do. Free as you are, it is sad that you think anyone who disagrees with you is wrong, reprobate, an apostate, and/or going to hell. i used to believe like you but it was too tiring and painful.

i just wanted to let you know that despite all the things you write about Me even though you do not really know me, i LOVE YOU, Ken Silva! It would be nice if you would take the time to get to know someone like me, a queer who loves Christ. i can be a pain in the ass but i am really a nice person who is plodding along through life. Too bad you are so set in ‘your’ ways. We might have a cool conversation. Yet, i sense you really are not open to that since you have everything all neatly figured out and interpreted from the Bible.

i am so sorry you think i am an apostate on my way to hell. i beg to differ and i’m ok with that.

G-D bless you, Ken Silva!

Warmest Regards,
Adele Sakler

Hello Adele, 

Thank you for contacting Apprising Ministries. I read this earlier on your Existential Punk website, which has also has an intro noting I’m one “who is CONSTANTLY writing negative things about me and my friends. i am starting to wonder if he is getting an unhealthy obsession with me?!” Is ok; you may rest assured I am not. Truly, this isn’t personal; I’m just doing my job is all. You asked: “Why are some people so locked in their certainties and if one disagrees with them, then they are wrong, they are going to hell, they are reprobate, they are apostates? Why can’t people like this see that there is room at the table for differing views and interpretations?” 

But I could also ask you, why are some people so afraid of certainty concerning what the text of the Bible actually says? How, in their uncertainty, are they then suddenly so sure that someone like me is wrong? Why can’t people like this see that where the Bible is clear we must proclaim its truth, regardless of whether others like it or not? All depends upon how one looks at it, ya know. Adele, in the issue of homosexuality, there is no room at the table for differing views and interpretations because God has spoken quite clearly that it is sin. However, I would ask you to be careful not to just assume that I am some narrow-minded fundamentalist bigot who hates GLBTQ people; because I’m really not, and, I don’t. 

Prior to being saved, I was a stand-up comic and professional musician living for years in Long Beach, and performing all around the Los Angeles area, so there really isn’t much I haven’t seen. I have many gay friends, one of which was my boss when I worked in a group home with people who are developmentally challenged people. And he was very out about his sexuality. We’d joke about it all the time; we got along great, and I even visited with him, as well as his partner, at their home many times. Also, my niece is out concerning her homosexuality. You see, strictly on a personal level, one’s sexual orientation doesn’t matter to me at all. 

However, as one Jesus called to be one of His pastor-teachers, I have an obligation to proclaim His Word; and the Bible tells us homosexuality is among the sins which lead one to hell. Still, I’m not telling anyone they are going to hell; because I have no way to know their future. What I do warn someone about, who is unrepentant in their sin, is that if they do not repent and receive the forgiveness of their sin in Jesus Christ, then the broad road they place themselves upon does end up in hell (see—Matthew 7:13-14). Jesus tells us, apart from Him, they are already condemned (see—John 3:18).

In your case Adele, from reading your own testimony, you have apostatized from a previously held proper view of the Bible, and sin, so at this time you are on that broad road. In love I humbly implore you, please repent and turn to the Jesus of the Bible; as He’s the only one there is. If there’s anything I can do to help you, I would certainly be willing to try. Adele, you are correct; we don’t agree, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you, for Christ’s sake. There are many people with whom I disagree, and we can agree to disagree agreeably. 

That said, sometimes God’s message has an Isaiah 6:8-10 result; and this is something I have no control over. When I link to your sites, because I’ve been blessed of the Lord with a couple of large Internet forums, your traffic will increase. However, being a former head football coach, I often use football as an analogy for this type of spiritual warfare. The truth is, you and me are on the playing field of ideas in the church visible, and like a middle linebacker, it’s my job to stop you—and the team you play for—from penetrating the heart of the defense. 

One of the best ways I can do that is to link to your sources, and thereby shine the light upon what your team is actually doing, supposedly in the Lord’s Name. You said, “the common denominator we have in common is our faith in Jesus Christ.” I’m sorry Adele, but you’re wrong; we don’t believe in the same Jesus Christ at all (see—2 Corinthians 11:4). You also said, “Too bad you are so set in ‘your’ ways. We might have a cool conversation.” I say this gently, and you’re not? 

The fact remains, I’m not here to have “conversation” about God when I’m on the playing field; as a pastor I am to preach His Word and teach people what He has said (see—2 Timothy 4:2). Now, as I told Tony Jones when he called me a couple of years ago, once we are off the field, so to speak, we could talk about other things over dinner. But I cannot fellowship with you as fellow Christians because you’re not playing for the Lord; though I assume you’re sincere, in my view you’re both on Satan’s team. 

Finally, you also say, “i sense you really are not open to [getting to know someone like me] since you have everything all neatly figured out and interpreted from the Bible.” Adele, my mind is closed to anything that fights against Jesus because — To fear the LORD is to hate evil (Proverbs 8:13), and as I explained above, I know many people like you. And I’m sorry that you appear to have been hurt by people claiming to know Christ; however at the same time, no one credible is claiming to “have everything all neatly figured out.” 

All we are saying is that, when the Bible is clear, then those of us who dare call ourselves Christians need to obey what Jesus has said. I pray this helps a little anyway. 



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