Today my friend Ingrid Schlueter, founder of Christian Research Net, placed up a post at the Crosstalk Blog called Carrie Prejean, Sexting and a Lost Generation. In this very short piece Ingrid is actually introducing a link to a column by Rebecca Hagelin concerning Carrie Prejean, who’s very busy making the rounds right now promoting her new book. 

And as a pastor I can tell you that Ingrid is quite correct when she says:

The issue for Carrie is not so much the past as it is the present. As I have repeatedly stated on Crosstalk as late as last week, you cannot profess to be a Christian and demand respect for your supposedly pro-family views when you’ve been cavorting in a naked fashion in front of millions of men.

Breast-enhancement surgery for purposes of engendering male lust is no way to represent Jesus Christ. Pro-family leaders (primarily male) made fools of themselves by publicly championing Carrie as the new face (and body) of conservative values. This was clearly a mistake…

For the sake of Carrie’s soul, somebody needs to explain the rudiments of the biblical gospel to her. (Family values are not the gospel.) Her mentor can move on from there to help her understand biblical modesty and decency… (Online source)

That’s the bottom line, our concern as Christians should be Prejean’s relationship with God since she claims Jesus as her Savior. However, something that seems to be missed by others is that Prejean shows no indication of repenting for lying when sex tapes–now alleged to be 8 at last count–and nude photos continue to surface, which were done when she was 20.

She also originally signed a contract that specifically asked if anything like these nude videos and pictures existed, and Prejean lied. Yet Todd Rhoades of MMI chooses to use this post by Schlueter simply to take a cheap shot at her as he tweets:

“Breast-enhancement surgery for purposes of engendering male lust is no way to represent Jesus Christ.” Ingrid speaks. http://bit.ly/3FDgy5 (Online source

Why yes Todd, she did; but I’m wondering where the men are in the Christian blogosphere, for if they won’t speak the Lord will use women. And I also wonder, is Rhoades now prepared to defend Prejean’s “need” to have her body surgically altered in order to better serve Jesus by winning so-called “beauty contests,” and/or to more alluringly model skimpy outfits and underwear?

Now that would make fascinating reading.

*Update* Ingrid has now added a response to Rhoades, who has long been a critic. She brings out:

Todd Rhoades of the Monday Morning Insight ministry blog evidently didn’t like my quote below that surgical breast enhancement is not a good way to represent Jesus Christ so he tweeted a snarky tweet on Twitter. So Mr. Rhoades feels that surgical breast enhancement for the purpose of male lust IS a good way to represent Jesus Christ? I’m interested in that line of thought.

Does he have a wife? Does she know what her husband is saying on Twitter? Is she OK with that tweet? Do the “ministry” guys who follow Mr. Rhoades also follow the breast enhancement ministry line of thought? Just asking. (Todd has been a long time critic, for those who wonder.

If you’d like to share your opinions on this matter with Todd Rhodes in the comments section, he has since written a post Are Breast Implants A Sin?, which widely missed the point.