Apprising Ministries showed e.g. in Jay Bakker Sends Ken Silva A Gift that “gay affirming pastor” Jay Bakker is the one choosing to further involve me in his dealings with my friend Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio, which I also touched on previously in Chris Rosebrough And Jay Bakker

Like I have already told Bakker, this isn’t a game and because of what I pointed out in Homopressive As Jay Bakker, I’m not likely to sit idly by as he and others in the egregiously ecumenical Emerging Church aka Emergent Church—morphing into Emergence Christianity (EC)—like him continue lying to people about God all the while making an idol out of His grace.

Which brings me to the point of this particular short post. Bakker and Rosebrough got into a further exchange today via Twitter, thereby drawing more attention to the heart of the problem with EC teachers like Jay Bakker. Essentially a whole lot of mouth with, little to no, actual substance to then back up their varied vacuous claims. 

A case in point is the following “dialogue” between Chris—whom I speak with on a regular basis—and Bakker today, which I place here for the edification of AM readers. It begins when Bakker ReTweeted the below from Emergent Village

RT @emergentvillage “Theology, especially on the Internet, needs 2 become accountable 2 the body of Christ.” John Frame http://is.gd/1Rg5Y about 2 hours ago

Rosebrough would reply with a dead-on-target assessment and a quite appropriate point: 

@jaybakker  au contraire. Emergent “theology” needs to become accountable to the Word of God.about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to jaybakker  

Bakker then opined with a quite common EC straw man: 

@piratechristian Do you just love to disagree? Seriously do you thing you are the theology police. Judge of all believers?about 2 hours ago from web in reply to piratechristian

None of the online apologetics and discernment ministries I know—and I personally know the people involved with a lot of them—claim to be “theology police.” We’re doing our best, in a time of growing spiritual blindness, to follow the Biblical admonition of Jude 3. 

And it’s along that line where Rosebrough responds to Bakker’s own false judgment: 

@jaybakker Seriously do you think you can just brush aside the Word of God because you don’t like what it says? Who made you God?about 2 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to jaybakker  

Then in typical effete EC fashion when confronted with Scripture Bakker begins whining: 

@piratechristian That is just your judgment of me, I take the Bible vary seriously. You don’t need to attack every one who disagrees with U.about 1 hour ago from web in reply to piratechristian  

It’s obvious to anyone who can read there was no “judgment,” nor was there any “attack,” on the part of Rosebrough in the first place; and so Chris responds:

@jaybakker It’s not about me. It’s about people who twist God’s word in order to make it compatible with their personal idolatries.about 4 hours ago from TweetDeck in reply to jaybakker

And then Rosebrough makes the following fair offer: 

@jaybakker I think you and I should debate the topic of the Bible & Homosexuality in a public venue. It would be fun & educational.about 1 hour ago from TweetDeck in reply to jaybakker 

But, not surprisingly, of course Bakker wants absolutely no part of that:

@piratechristian No thanks.about 4 hours ago from web in reply to piratechristian

So the question I have is: What is Jay Bakker so afraid of? In Emerging Church Pastor Jay Bakker Claims He Knows The Scriptures But Is Still “Gay Affirming” you can see a video clip from one of Bakker’s appearances on Larry King Live. King asks him why Bible-believing Christians “are against the gay concept” and Bakker boasts:

JAY BAKKER: Well, I mean, I know the arguments. I know the scriptures. And the scriptures are very — you could argue on them all day.

Well if so, why then does Bakker run away when offered the chance to represent for GLBTQ people his concept of grace and the opportunity to set Rosebrough straight concerning the Scriptures and homosexuality? If Bakker actually does know “the arguments,” as well as “the scriptures,” then here would be the perfect chance for him to show it.

After all, above Bakker insists that he takes the Bible very “seriously.” But as you can see in Don’t Be Fooled By Those Who Only Say They Love Scripture this happens to be the exact same line used by unbelieving liberals like John Shelby Spong and Living Spiritual Teacher and “Progessive Christian” scholar Marcus Borg.

Spong is a scholar who’s already forgotten more about the Bible than Bakker even knows. And yet in a debate with Dr. Walter Martin (1928-1989) Spong has already admitted that, “I do not disagree that homosexuality is condemned in Scripture,” as I showed in the AM piece Why No Condemnation For Christians Who Are Homopressive?

The truth is Bakker doesn’t dare debate an apologist like Chris Rosebrough because 1) he can’t make a case from Scripture to support his claim those having sexual relations with another of the same sex i.e. homosexuality isn’t a sin, and 2) it’s just a whole lot easier for Bakker to simply continue playing the martyr to his sympathizers and crying about how he’s being “attacked.”

No, the only real attack is the one perpetrated upon the perspicuity and final authority of God’s Word in the Bible by this quasi-Christian EC, filled as it is with postliberals rehashing the same old tired—and thoroughly refuted—arguments once forged by their forebears in original Cult of Liberal Theology. Their argumentation depends totally upon casting doubt about the verbal-plenary inspiration of Scripture.

Ok, if you don’t want to listen to me then take the word of EC pastor Dan Kimball; in his book They Like Jesus But Not The Church Kimball admits:

I have read just about every single book there is out there on this topic, written from both the conservative and pro-gay theological perspectives, and I have read the various studies and opinions on each of the Scriptures that mention homosexuality or that have been seen as addressing homosexuality.

I have wrestled with the Scriptures and difficult viewpoints. I studied this issue not being afraid to reexamine all I had ever been taught before and to approach it with an open mind and heart. However, after much prayer and study of the sexual ethics and themes presented overall in Scripture, I have found that I just can’t dismiss that in the Bible homosexual practice is considered a sin. (137, emphasis his)

And yet the EC chant of man-love (see—2 Timothy 3:2) goes on…and on…and on…

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