May God be praised for touching lives through Apprising Ministries well beyond our local community via the Lord using the Internet to spread His Truth, not unlike He once did house churches in the ancient Church. The email below, published with permission of its author, comes from the same person we first met in AM Testimony: Contemplative Spirituality.

As I mentioned the other day in Welcome To New Readers, in the midst of a critical financial slump AM—which is not my personal ministry/website but an outreach of Connecticut River Baptist Church—depends totally upon the generosity of God’s people.

Not having “product” to sell, but rather making the benefit of my many hours of research available at no charge, we are praying soon to hear from others who are sensing the Lord’s call to stand with us financially here at AM. Those interested can find out more about how to do so right here.  

Dear Pastor Ken, 

It’s been a while since we last corresponded, so I just wanted to drop you a note of encouragement to let you know that you continue in my prayers. I know our small monthly gift doesn’t go far in today’s economy, but I hope it is an encouragement to you as well.  

I thought I’d share with you that the spiritual journey I’ve been on for more than four years now has led me to start, along with our pastor, a new Bible study group modeled after the Bereans we read about in Acts 17:11. The purpose of our group is to encourage Christians in their personal study of God’s Word, so that they can be equipped to understand and expose the false doctrines that are overtaking our Lord’s church. We will meet every week to “compare notes,” so to speak, and discuss what we’re learning, but our members will be urged to interact and engage with the Bible one-on-one, relying on outside sources only after they’ve “done their homework.” I am praying that God will call whom He will to this study group and develop it to His glory!

I tell you this so you will know what kind of impact AM is having. After my experiences that other church, I was all kinds of confused. God used your work at AM, as well as your personal counsel, to straighten me out and teach me about the inerrancy and authority of his Word and the lie of contemplative spirituality. Since then, I’ve gone on to study with the Koinonia Institute and now hopefully can pass on some of what I’ve learned through this study group.  

Please lift up this new group in prayer and be encouraged that your efforts have not been in vain! There remain a few of us standing alongside you. 

For Christ’s glory,

AM Reader