While in the midst of a critical financial slump Apprising Ministries, which is not my personal ministry/website but an outreach of Connecticut River Baptist Church, would like to welcome our new readers. The Lord be praised that nearing our fourth anniversary of ministry to the Body of Christ we have seen our readership rise to levels we would have never dreamed of.

We’d also like to thank all those of you who have been so faithful to assist this work with prayer and through financial offerings as well. These are troubled times in our nation, indeed, but these troubles also extend to the spiritual arena as a growing spiritual blindness further envelops mainstream evangelicalism.

This is why ministries like online apologetics and discernment ministries like AM are becoming more important. Day by day I am receiving letters from people, and pastors, thanking me for helping them sift through the growing wreckage in the visible church. But this does not come without cost both—spiritually and literally.

If you’ve benefited from the results of my labors in the Lord here we ask you to seek God as to what you might do to help. Something all of you can do fast and pray with us; which is our most powerful weapon. We do have an email list for those who request to be apprised of updates and from this comes those who have joined our IPU Unit (intercessory prayer).

But we do need more than that. We need more people to be willing to commit to giving on a regular basis as the Lord leads. AM depends totally upon the generosity of God’s people. Now that more churches are using AM materials we also continue to seek a few of them who will be willing to take AM on as a mission work to help support.

A precious few people have already shared what they feel they can do financially, but at the same time, it’s also very important for me to begin hearing soon from others who are sensing the Lord’s call to stand with AM. You can find out more about how to do so right here.

In closing, and for the benefit of our new readers, AM was once simply to be a local apologetics and counter-cult outreach of CRBC though it is now very obvious that God had much bigger plans. I also say this as delicately as I can but the type of discernment work I’m doing requires very careful research in order to avoid being swept up in “conspiracy” theories.

But as I’ve said before, it’s best we just stick to the facts because they no doubt are bad enough. We remain thankful in the Lord that more and more people and pastors have been led to trust that this work in Jesus is providing well-researched and Biblical information. And here’s where Apprising Ministries (apprise means—“explain, pass on”) can be of much benefit to the Body of Christ at time such as this.