My friend Brett Beasely, pastor of Second Baptist Church, West Frankfort, IL made me aware of his Encouraged To Endure Conference August 20-22, which will feature another friend of mine Randall Easter, as well as Jonathan Sims, and Jeff Noblitt, Senior Pastor-Teacher of Grace Life Church of the Shoals. Most of you know that Noblitt is also Founder and President of Anchored in Truth Ministries, which puts on the very popular True Church Conference each year.

Having a heart from the Lord as I do to encourage those struggling in ministry right now, with apostasy spreading as quickly as an Oklahoma wildfire throughout the visible church and the added burden of this difficult economy, pastor Brett Beasely reminds you:

Striving to be truly Biblical in your church, family, or personal Christian life can sometimes be a very lonely place. The prevailing religious culture of our day remains entrenched in easy believism, the traditions of men, and market driven strategies. The world we live in is saturated with sin and temptation. When you desire truth and practice Biblical principles you are often met with opposition, misrepresentation, and scorn. We want you to know you are not alone!

The purpose of the “Encouraged to Endure Conference,” is to strengthen and challenge Christians from all walks of life: the church leader facing opposition at every turn, the lay person starving to be part of a healthy church, the spouse desiring a Biblecentered home, the student openly living a Christcentered life. Please consider attending the conference; we want to be a blessing to you. Together we will encourage one another to continue on in the sufficiency of the Word of God and the power of God’s glorious Gospel. (Online source)

You can find out all about Encouraged To Endure Conference as well as all the information needed to attend this special conference by clicking here.