I have been led across issues involving Dennis Lee, as was NBC, which you’ll see below. Now I know there are indeed many fellow ministers reading Apprising Ministries, and who are also struggling financially while laboring in various types of ministries for the Lord, so it seems good make this information concerning Dennis Lee more readily available.

We wouldn’t normally cover something like this at AM, but here in an initial post, we will show you that apparently Lee does indeed claim to be a Christian and to receive direct revelations from God. As one who’s been given this forum by the Lord it becomes a matter where I feel the need to at least put up a warning.

For example, Lee claims:

God revealed to me how to solve my problems: to make electricity from energy I take out of the air.

These concepts come from God.  They are real.

In the middle of my sleep, God came to me and gave me the answer. (Online source)

And things like Dennis Lee’s Christian testimony and tour for the churches of 2004 do now make this into an issue which the Body of Christ at large should be made aware of:

Dennis’s letter to the churches

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ:

We are writing to you at the direction of the Lord concerning a huge work He is doing with us. It is our sincere hope that this message will be an encouragement to you in your efforts to strengthen the church and to spread His Word and we pray that your hearts will be open to receiving it. We want to share with you the vision He has given us for the entire body of Christ… Through the guidance, and sometimes prodding of the Holy Spirit, God has led us on a long and difficult journey…

God has shaped us and our ministry,… We are in the position to bring great prosperity to His church and revival to the world. God has used us to develop technologies that can fulfill the prophecy He gave us 25 years ago, to turn the business world around, and upset it until it doesn’t know which end is up?. We are on the brink of bringing out a new technology, which operates on a limitless supply of clean energy that may provide all the world’s energy needs, without any need to use fossil fuels… We are touring the USA in preparation for the unveiling of the great work He has prepared us for… (Online source)

While not an endorsement of New Mexicans for Science and Reason, from looking at the track record (in descending order) through the many sources they’ve provided, there would seem to be more than enough reason for Christians to have some serious questions concerning the “Christian” claims above by Dennis Lee.

And, if you’re one considering having anything to do with Dennis Lee, we do recommend that you also make the time to read the transcript of Fast money: Car device seller’s scheme unravels, a program aired last month on NBC’s Dateline by clicking on the title.