Apprising Ministries is actually involved in much more ministry than simply the Internet. Pastor Dustin S. Segers of Shepherd’s Fellowship of Greensboro, who’s a member of AM’s board of directors, introduces some video clips of his open-air preaching, such as the one below, as he writes:

Sinners are the same everywhere you go. They always love their stuff more than God. Keep ’em fed, keep ’em happy, keep ’em distracted from their eternal condition with entertainment, and give them what they want and you’ll have a sure recipe for Hell.

Just like Greensboro, NC (and most everywhere else), most of the people of San Antonio love their “stuff” (1 John 2:15) and don’t realize that their biggest problem is not where they are going to find their next meal, their next paycheck, or their 401k, but their biggest problem is their standing with the Righteous and Holy God of Heaven and Earth.

Yeah, I know what some of you blog readers are thinking: “Here’s another doom and gloom rant.” Yes and no… I love to evangelize, preach, teach, and talk about the gospel. If I am in a public place, I start “itching” to speak to someone about it. By God’s grace, I had the privilege of preaching the gospel open-air and doing some one-on-one evangelism this past weekend in San Antonio with my new friend, James Jennings of I’ll Be Honest, which is the media ministry of Grace Community Church.

I post the following videos for the encouragement of the saints of our church… (Online source)