May God be praised for touching lives through Apprising Ministries well beyond our local community via the Lord using the Internet to spread His Truth, not unlike He once did house churches in the ancient Church:


Just a quick response to your mailbag post questioning anti-emergent church accuracy in God’s will. I would just say God is not the author of confusion! Scripture says so and because of that we can take his Word at face value. God’s yay is yay and nay is nay! We can bend it all we want but the Scriptures say what they say. Only if we want them to say something they don’t do we have to twist them and act as if they are difficult to understand or have various interpretation possibilities!

I commend you Ken on upholding Sola Scriptura and for pointing out how these emergent wolves are changing the message! God is not trying to confuse us with His Word! He is blessing us with it but these false teachers are cursing the Church with thier heresy and trying to inject phiolsophy and human methods into the Holy Scriptures and they are simply confusing themselves!

AM Reader, United States

Thanks for your article Grab The Lifeline Of Prayer about the lifeline of prayer. May God bless you abundantly.

AM Reader, Lima-Peru

Dear Brother Ken,

I just really wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to minister to me and for praying for my mom. I have written to other ministries in the past and no one else has ever responded. I know they are all busy and need to be selective about what they can respond to, so that is why I am so grateful for your kindness.

I have prayed for you. I’m sorry to do this, but I don’t anyone else so I was hoping you could find it in your heart to help me with dilemma I have. May I impose upon you again for your wisdom and guidance. Could you please confirm for me that I understood [the situation I decribed in my local church] right? I have felt like I was all alone in my congregation. No one sees what I see. My heart goes out to them, because they are deceived and don’t know it, like I once was.

I would just love it if you could respond. I really am desparate, I have no one. I am also now finding myself in a place where I am pleading with the worship leader to stop bringing in references to unproven authors. I first responded to the reference with information from a link that you had on your site.

God bless,

AM Reader, United States

Hi Ken,

Long time no comment but still read most days. Anyway, great post Does “Gay Affirming Pastor” Jay Bakker Really Love Gay People? on the Bakker issue. He can’t love homosexuals. He justifies their sin and witholds what he should know as the truth of the matter but suppresses it.

Really appreciate your ministry. Please know I have kept and will continue to hold you up in prayer. I remember all those whom I am aware of who diligently expose the wolves in sheeps’ clothing and hold them accountable to their own words.

What a field on which you do great battles on for the Lord. Quite frankly, I don’t know how you do it. And you do it well. I praise God.

Press on, brother!

AM Reader, Canada

And then there’s these kind words of encouragement from John Lanagan of My Word Like Fire as he made me aware of something he’d written today:

I cannot tell you how grateful and proud I am of you. Fight on Pastor. Compassion and Truth is where it’s at.

You can read John’s post by clicking here.