From Christian Research Net:

As you can see in the CRN post Richard Abanes on Phil Johnson’s “Deep-seated Pathology” Revealed In His Recent “Sexist Hit Piece” Richard Abanes, a long-time member of the Saddleback Church of Rick Warren, has some quite uncomplimentary things to say about Phil Johnson, who is known to many in the blogosphere through Pyromaniacs.

Today Abanes has continued his attack upon Johnson:

RA: Please read my newest response – Homophobics, “Real Men,” and Effeminate Evangelicals?” — to Johnson’s sexist, narrow-minded, and unbiblical article (also available at Heresy-Hunters).

Unfortunately in that post Abanes is promoting above he is guilty of the very things he is criticizing while Abanes makes an attempt to lump Johnson into his so-called “cult” of so-called ODMs:

Rather than simply stating their disagreements/criticisms, and then backing them with biblical passages (used in context), these watch-bloggers have resorted to using homophobic, anti-gay lingo that castigates their targets as “Effeminate Evangelicals”—i.e., not masculine men of God, but “sissified” (actual quote) compromisers of God’s Word whose manner of preaching/teaching is more akin to weak women.

It is difficult to know where/how to even begin responding to such a backward and destructive mindset. But it might be helpful to point to one of the worst examples available on the Internet—i.e., “Some More Thoughts on Effeminate Evangelicalism” by 56-year-old Phil Johnson, “executive Director of Grace to You, a Christian tape and radio ministry featuring the preaching ministry of John MacArthur.”

The first thing one notices upon reading Johnson’s diatribe against what he calls “Effeminate Evangelicalism” is the disturbingly sexist & near-homophobic language he uses as a means of mocking, degrading, and vilifying fellow men of God with whom he disagrees (i.e., in the area of preaching style, teaching content, and methods of presenting the Gospel)…