This report comes to us from OneNewsNow.com, which is not in any way, shape, or form, an online discernment and apologetics ministry:

A Washington, DC, pastor and outspoken opponent of same-sex “marriage” says California mega-church pastor Rick Warren has done “tremendous damage” by apologizing for his support last fall of California’s marriage protection amendment…

Warren told King on Monday that he “never once even gave an endorsement” during the Prop. 8 campaign. However, in late October — just weeks before the November 4 election — the pastor told his congregation: “Now let me say this really clearly: we support Proposition 8 — and if you believe what the Bible says about marriage, you need to support Proposition 8.” … (Online source)

Now below is the video that People Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren tells us is not “an endorsement.” Well, to paraphrase another famous Southern Baptist, I guess that depends on what the definition of is, is. Warren will very clearly say:

There are about two per cent of Americans are homosexual, or gay, lesbian people. We should not let two per cent of the population determine, to change, the definition of marriage that has been supported by every single culture, and every single religion for five thousand years… (1:24-1:43)

So I urge you to support Proposition 8, and pass that word on. I’m going to be sending out a note to pastors on what I believe about this, but everybody knows what I believe about it. (1:56-2:08)

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