Steve Camp over at Camp On This offers some commentary on the subject of online discernment and apologetics ministries such as Apprising MinistriesChristian Research Net, A Little Leaven, and Slice of Laodicea:

Fellow blogger, Tim Challies, lit up the blogosphere yesterday with a controversial post of his called, “Evil as Entertainment.” He was addressing the character and content of “watchbloggers” within evangelicalism. He states unequivocally that these are “blogs that specialize in sharing bad news” – and are doing so for entertainment.

Tim is a great writer. He is thoughtful, circumspect, kind and generous. He is obviously very well read, reformed, insightful, and we are all the better for his contribution on many issues he addresses in the blogosphere. But IMHO, I think this article of his lacks some of those qualities he is most noted for… (Online source