As I stated in The New Evangelicalism And Its Bohemian-Style Emergent Church, it’s just a matter of time before those in the Emergence against Sola Scriptura that are hitting the bong finally ‘fess up like the man in the following story “testifies” for the Lord.

Within that post I also pointed out that, from my days in a reggae band with two Rastas from Kingston, I personally can tell you for a fact that the spiritual seekers known as the Rastafarians beat both of them to the shtick that God supposedly gave us this herb for “wisdom.”

From the Kennebec Journal:

Two law-enforcement agencies and the state have denied accusations by a 48-year-old Mexico man that his religious rights were violated when his marijuana was seized.

Norman A. Hutchinson filed suit against the Mexico Police Department, the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and the state last month in Oxford County Superior Court. The case was transferred to U.S. District Court in Portland after police said the federal laws involved in Hutchinson’s accusations required the case to be heard there.

Hutchinson argues he is a member of the Religion of Jesus Church, which mandates the use of cannabis based on 12 tenets. Those tenets include the belief that marijuana “increases ability to feel the presence of God,” creates peace and is a “good-thought stimulating neuro-hormone” … (Online source)

The problem with this Emergence rebellion against the Word of God, which Apprising Ministries also touches on in John Crowder And The New Mystics, is that e.g. Tony Jones once told me while we talked on the phone that he didn’t see any reason which would cause him to break fellowship with anyone who says they “love Jesus.”

Well then, since he’s already openly embraced his unrepentant homosexual Christian “brothers and sisters” then I guess we’ll be looking for Jones to join with these other “Christ-follower” clowns in their next drunken or pot smoking heresy-fests. Yeah, this is really the kind of “theologian” you ought to be allowing to teach your evangelical youth. 

Leaders in evanjellyfish haven’t simply buried their heads in the sand; O no, they’re now at least waist deep in the spiritual quicksand of seducing spirits and their doctrines of demons in this new Emergence religion of the self…Charles Finney pelagian pragmatism squared…