Apprising Ministries shares the latest we have concerning a subject we began covering in Calvinists To Be “Let Go” From Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBC). It’s been alleged that there was a meeting at SWBTS in preparation to dismiss professors holding to Calvinism.

But as AM pointed out in Paige Patterson Hopes Calvinist Professors Won’t Be “Let Go” At Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBC)? our sources dispute that claim. Here below you’ll see the latest from one of our sources, Randall Easter, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Briar, Azle, TX. as well as a student at SWBTS. 

In my personal opinion it does appear that something along the line of SWBTS desiring to have fewer professors who believe and teach the doctrines of grace, sometimes referred to as Calvinism, was indeed on the agenda of Dr. Paige Patterson.

It’s no secret that Patterson’s very anti-Calvinist; and as former Roman Catholic, once adhering to what’s commonly called Arminianism but now holding to those aforementiuoned doctrines of grace, I can tell you that Patterson often misrepresents what we actually believe.

Please note that I did not say he does so intentionally—God knows—I simply state a fact. The issue of the possible letting go of Calvinist professors at SWBTS apparently has even caught the attention of Christianity Today as I was interviewed yesterday by Jim Jones, who’s been the religion editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, for an upcoming piece in CT.

And now for the edification of our readers following is an email pastor Easter sent me this morning with the latest information he has received from speaking with some of the professors that he knows personally at SWBTS:


Just a short update on SWBTS. They had a faculty meeting February 5th with the President and it was announced that they would not lay off any of the Professors at this time. The Seminary will re-visit this situation in July. For now it seems that things will be on hold. Interestingly, Mark Dever is preaching in chapel today at 10:45.

I do not know what he will say, but I intend on going. I can never figure out why the leadership of SWBTS is so opposed to Calvinism, but they will let Dr. Mohler and Dr. Dever and at times others to preach. Maybe my school just likes to keep people guessing.

Pastor: J. Randall Easter
II Timothy 2:19