Looks like Apprising Ministries hit some kind of nerve here with Christian Band Family Force 5 On How To Become A Christian concerning the “Christian crunk rock band” Family Force 5. I received a bit of email, and with the permission of the authors, as a pastor I feel led to share with you the ones below, which bring out important issues. These issues not only concern the band FF5 but also the Contemporary Christian Music Scene as well as the subject of worship itself.

The first letter is from someone actually in their teens; the second from a parent relating the aforementioned AM piece to their teen daughter, and the last one from an adult who wrote in touching upon the subject of having quasi-Christian bands like FF5—having much affinity with the world—in for worship services in churches:

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From: AM Reader
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2009 2:28 PM
Subject: Family Force 5…wow — Apprising Ministries contact form

Wow…thanks for the post about Family Force Five. A ton of my friends love their music. Anyways, I want to let other people know about this, and was wondering if this “letter” from the band was publicly published on their website, or was it a private message, etc.? I wanted to be able to point my friends to something they had publicly stated.

Thanks for all your hard work!

AM Reader

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From: AM Reader
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2009 4:33 AM
Subject: Chap Stique/How to become a Christian — Apprising Ministries contact form

I decided to read the CCM email to my 15 year old daughter. Owing to circumstances which I won’t go into, she is often exposed to Liberal Theology from the pulpit. We discuss what is wrong with it, and she is very discerning and wise for one her age. However, her response to Chap Stique’s words were ‘It’s a shame because there wasn’t much wrong with it was there?’, to which I pointed out that there was no mention of sin, repentance, the Cross etc. Then she said (grumpily, and speaking on behalf of her peers):’Well they’ll all be going to Hell then, because they will really like that message’…..Oh dear!

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From: AM Reader
Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2009 11:19 AM
Subject: Family Force 5

Pastor Silva,

Thanks for your continuing hard work. I just read your article on Family Force 5 and thought I would send this additional information to you.

FF5 performed at my wife’s former church in [address withheld] Baptist Church. Since my wife has relatives who still are members there, I felt obligated to send them information about FF5 and their associations as a warning as to who they were associating with. The family member passed it along to the pastor prior to the concert in the Worship Center. Of course, the concert went on as scheduled. [see below]

Keep up the good work Pastor Silva.


Am Reader

Is there anything wrong with a band like Family Force 5 performing their music in the worship center of a church?

Family Force 5
The lyrics

Family Force 5 claims to be a Christian band and they may be a band made up of self-professing Christians. But the lyrics to their songs have nothing to do with Jesus Christ, His church or anything of lasting moral value. While not profane, crude or suggestive, their lyrics primarily fall into 3 categories:

Infatuation with girls

The Music

While it can be difficult to debate whether a particular style of music is “Christian or not Christian”, we can observe the response (fruit) that the music produces. The music of Family Force 5 causes people to lose self control – which is in opposition to the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

In fact their lyrics encourage this:

Hey kids rock ‘n’ roll
Shake your body now lose control
Just Move it, Lose it
Whatcha Whatcha gonna do with it
Hey kids rock ‘n’ roll
Shake your body now lose control (See this performed at a church in Illinois)

In an audio blog on their website they lightheartedly talk about a girl who “stormed the stage at one of their church concerts – knocking over a huge security guard – quoting the band – ‘she just kicked this dude’s butt; man, he was laying on the ground holding his head’” – just to get on stage with the band. The band goes out of their way to encourage such behavior.

Does God-honoring music produce this type of reaction? Why is crowd control needed at a Christian concert in a church?

The Problem

The problem with having a band like Family Force 5 perform in a “worship center” is that the worship center by definition is holy – set apart – for the specific purpose of worshipping God and studying his Word. That’s why it’s called the “worship center”.

When you bring in a band to perform, where the subject matter of the music is partying, dancing and infatuation with girls – and those who watch the band are encouraged to lose self control – you have made what was set apart for God into nothing more than what you would experience if that same band performed at [a local bar] in downtown [anywhere] – minus the smoke and alcohol – hopefully.

Below Family Force 5 is seen performing their song “Whatcha Gonna Do With It” May 20, 2007 in the “Worship Center”  at Parkview Christian Church, Orland Park, IL.

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