The following email concerning the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) scene, and more specifically the Christian band Family Force 5, was sent to Apprising Ministries and is published here by permission of the young person who wrote it.

As a pastor I felt led to post it because it speaks so loudly and clearly to the detrimental effects that teachers of a counterfeit Christianity in this growing Emergence rebellion against Sola Scriptura like Rob Bell and Shane Claiborne, as well as others who mentor them such as Brian McLaren and Marcus Borg, are having upon your evangelical youth:

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From: AM Reader
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 6:06 PM
Subject: Contemporary Christian Music — Apprising Ministries contact form

I went on Family Force Five’s MySpace (that’s a supposedly “Christian” band, they are quite popular) a little while back, after attending Christian Music Day at Carowinds in North Carolina a few months ago. I asked the band on their MySpace page “How does one become a Christian?” And here is what Chap Stique, one of the band members, told me:

Thanks for the cool question! The answer is easy, yet difficult: Here’s the easy (and true) answer: LOVE!

The best way to experience the message of Christ is by loving those in need, caring for others, and being selfless!

Following the teachings of Jesus Christ is a beautiful and life-changing experience, and I hope it is something that interests you.

I’m not sure what your spiritual background is, or how you feel about Christianity, so I apologize if any of this is repetitive or old to you.

The truth is: there is no formula for spiritual enlightenment. There is no path, 5-step process, or secret. It’s like a relationship…you can’t teach
a person how to fall in love with another. It happens differently for everybody. However, in the end, it is worth it.

Some important elements you should keep in mind are: -ALWAYS question and seek growth. You will hear a lot of different messages = from Christians. Let your faith grow and change.

-Nobody will ever have all the answers. One of the most embarrassing things Christianity has done is that it often pretends to claim 100% knowledge of God and the universe. We are humans, and will never be all-knowing. That’s the beauty of God!

It is incredible if you can get involved in some type of church/community group/Bible study that challenges you and welcomes you.

If you’re interested, check out one or two of these books:
-Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell
-anything by Marcus Borg (these are tough reads, but incredible ones)
-The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian McLaren
-The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne
-much more

Or, I like checking out the Mars Hill podcasts from Grand Rapids, MI. They’re free on itunes.

Take care, and I hope you continue to pursue the experience of Jesus. Just remember, although Christians have used the name of Christ to justify awful deeds in the past (and present), the heart of the message is love, liberation, peace, joy, justice, and equality!

Chap Stique

That is what he said, and notice the books he recommends! I have done a good bit of research on CCM, going to that concert and doing extensive research online, and it is my belief that the vast majority of CCM bands believe in this same type of gospel as presented by Chap Stique. The reach of CCM is deep and wide, particularly on the young people. Many may not initially be into books by Bell or Borg, but after they find out that that is what their favorite “Christian” artist is into, they pick up these books and accept it without question, simply because they like the CCM band’s music. Believe me I know I’m 19 and have seen how teens soak this filth up.

I think this is very dangerous and needs to be talked about more. The dangers of CCM are the same as those of the Emergent Church, because they are all interrelated, they all hold to the same beliefs. Thanks for reading this, and I entreat you to post some stuff about the dangers of Contemporary Christian Music for others on your website.

Thank you,

AM Reader

Family Force 5 – “Radiator”

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