As a pastor it seems good to present the following unsolicited email as further illustration of the blind trust given to apostates (at best) like Roman Catholic mystic Richard Rohr. It concerns the Apprising Ministries post Richard Rohr: Conversations, Convergence And Emergence Apostasy.

The writer of the email apparently took exception to my comment about the You Tube video clip of Roshi Rohr being interviewed by Spencer Burke of the Emerging Church rebellion against Sola Scriptura. I’d pointed out that in my opinion Rohr and Burke are two peas in a corrupt spiritual pod discussing their mutual excitement about the coming Emergence.

This is because in the video they talk about a religion moving away from “belief systems” and instead into “experience” as the basis for Christian practice. And my view that the rallying cry of this coming religion of Emergence will be, “All-ee, all-ee, in free!” is firmly based upon Richard Rohr: Roman Catholicism And Christian Universalism and Spender Burke: I’m A Universalist Who Believes In Hell:

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From: jeremiah
To: apprising@hughes.net
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 9:51 AM
Subject: your blog — Apprising Ministries contact form

I just read your blog on Richard Rohr and his collusion with the emergent crowd. I noticed the video was quite edited to fit the point you were trying to make. I would have left a comment highlighting your highly biased presentation of Rohr’s views, but you are apparently not brave enough to allow comments or discussion of your postings.

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From: Apprising Ministries
To: jeremiah
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 10:45 AM
Subject: Re: your blog — Apprising Ministries contact form

Careful there Jeremiah. My, a little judgmental today are we? So you “noticed the video was quite edited to fit the point [I was] trying to make”, did you?

Well then, I guess you’re going to have to take that accusation up with whoever “quite edited” that video in the first place “to fit the point [they] were trying to make” and then put it up on You Tube. And based upon the moniker “cavepaint” they use at You Tube, I am guessing you’ll be talking with Spencer Burke himself.

By the way, Burke is the one actually conducting the interview and you see, over at his flickr page:  we read:

About cavepaint / spencer burke and his weblog is listed as http://www.spencerburke.com/ (Online source)

I do appreciate your pointing out that I did get Rohr’s views right in my post because I simply went by what the video shows me. And finally you whine the tired old taunt: “you are apparently not brave enough to allow comments or discussion of your postings.”

Yeah, words on a video screen really frighten me. Google my name and you won’t have any trouble finding me standing behind what I write. And who said you can’t discuss my postings? I just don’t have time to argue with every uniformed person who wishes to “comment” like this about things which they obviously didn’t understand.

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