O My people! Their oppressors are children,  And women rule over them; O My people! Those who guide you lead you astray, And confuse the direction of your paths. (Isaiah 3:12, NASB)

In exegeting on this verse in his classic commentary The Book of Isaiah Dr. Edward J. Young says:

The prophet probably does not intend to describe an actual situation in which women were ruling over the nation, but rather would suggest that the rulers were weak as women. Those who are the rulers are weak men amnd have no more authority than a child. They are possibly influenced by women who were members of the harem. The Arabian proverb is here in place, I fled to God from the rule of boys and the reign of women.’ (Vol 1, 156)

Against that backdrop Apprising Ministries brought you pieces like Zondervan National Pastors Conference 2009 A Festival of Fruitless Pseudo-Christianity and The Coming Division Within the Idol of Evangelicalism with its current sad state of effete non-leadership. As another example, using the “new Calvinist” ministry of Mark Driscoll as her example over at Slice of Laodicea Ingrid Schlueter says: 

There are ‘mothers in Israel’ who are rising up to confront Mark Driscoll and his filthy mouth and materials. Why? Because the men in spiritual leadership today not only refuse to, but legitimize and endorse Driscoll’s “ministry”. If you wonder why there was a need for a Prophetess Deborah in the Old Testament, look to the times that produced her. Women only come to leadership when men abandon their biblical headship.

But when it comes to threats to little ones, both literally and spiritually, the women will rise up to the job if men refuse. What Mark Driscoll is doing with his degrading sex columns and videos that are all over the Internet is causing harm to ourselves and our children. I received this email this morning from a spiritual “little one”… Because Driscoll is causing harm, I and Cathy Mickels and Deborah Dombrowski and any other women who would like to join us, are speaking out. (Online source)

You can read the rest of Ingrid Schlueter’s post here.