This short piece is developed from argumentation in a combox of a post called Rob Bell and his stance on homosexuality by the wife of a friend of Rob Bell. This couple happen to be members in covenant community attending Mars Hill Bible Church where Bell is their “teaching pastor.” Not surprisingly they aren’t real fond of me and her post concerns their taking umbrage at the Apprising Ministries article Rob Bell We Want An Actual Answer To Your Position Concerning The Practice Of Homosexuality.

What follows is part of a discussion I had with a professing Christian I have waged war with spiritually before, and who has told us he’s “a retired minister, having spent almost 30 years in the ministry.”  What follows is a simplified version of what I previously covered in Shocking New Evidence Jesus Condemned The Practice Of Homosexuality. The retired minister is challenging me on my statement that Jesus did speak to the issue of homosexuality.

You need to be aware that this is a pet argument today by those who try and drive a wedge between Jesus and the Old Testament, which clearly does condemn the practice of homosexuality as sin. Following is a composite of a couple of my responses in prayerful hopes it will prove beneficial as you run into professing Christians who are now attempt to use Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Creator God Himself, as approving of a homosexual lifestyle.

During the discussion the retired minister finally said to me, “I never said the Bible did not speak to the issue of homosexuality. Jesus didn’t…”:

Wrong. I’ll make this very simple. You are correct for a change: “the infallible, inerrant Word of God… [The] Bible addresses homosexuality.” Since you admit that the Bible is God’s Word; then you will agree it teaches that Jesus is God. In the Bible God already adressed the issue of homosexuality in the OT. Therefore whatever God says concerning homosexuality in the OT Jesus, the Creator, also says concerning homosexuality in the OT.

In the NT Christ tells us God the Holy Spirit would speak for Him. God does not change; and Jesus Christ does not change. The teachings concerning homosexuality spoken by the Vicar of Christ, God the Holy Spirit, in the NT are in complete agreement with the OT. No way around it for one who holds to the Bible as the inerrant and infallible Word of God and the Deity of Christ. God has spoken in both the OT and the NT condemning the practice of homosexuality as sin.

There’s your straight up asking for proof, from the infallible, inerrant Word of God. You cannot separate God the Father and God the Son on this issue. Jesus did address sexual immorality, which includes honosexuality, and He most likely felt that as God He didn’t stutter the first time so His view is clear enough.The Bible is God’s Word; Jesus is God, therefore, whatever the Bible says on homosexuality, Jesus says on homosexuality.

I had originally intended not to link back to this other blog. However, now that my own heterosexual orientation has clearly been called into question, for those who would like to read Rob Bell and his stance on homosexuality the link is here. Also you will find a most enlightening firsthand testimony from the wife of Rob Bell’s friend concerning how since attending Mars Hill Bible Church, “I have met a different Jesus,” in A follow up post on Rob Bell and homosexuals here.

And because that second post, sincerely impassioned as it is, is filled with red herrings I’ll share below what I said to these friends of Rob Bell in prayerful hope it will help them see the heart of the matter:

Hopefully you will be able to grasp the actual issue here. ALL sinners are welcome to attend Christian churches, and should be encouraged to do so.

The issue is: Does Rob Bell, unlike others in the Emerging Church he is associated with, believe Jesus says the practice of homosexuality is a sin.

That Christ’s blood was shed for sin is patently obvious to anyone who is regenerated. But, does Bell believe the practice of the homosexual lifestyle, monogomous or not, is a sin?