Even as one who holds to the Biblical Reformed doctrines of grace it is still surprising how fast and how far this apostasy within evangelicalism is spreading. Open theist Greg Boyd is not only gaining increasing popularity within the nearly comatose spiritually evangelical community but he’s especially soothing to the itching ears in the postliberal cult of the Emergent Church This is evidenced by e.g. Rob Bell having Boyd come speak at his Mars Hill Bible Church.

Apprising Ministries believes that truly those who are apostatizing have no shame because not only are they attacking of God’s absolute sovereignty in man’s salvation but they are even more boldly now attacking the omniscience of the LORD God Almighty Creator of Heaven and earth. In this excellent and thoroughly Biblical article solidly refuting Boyd’s heretical dream of open theism Bob DeWaay writes:

In this article I shall respond to a recent challenge issued in the book God of the Possible by Gregory A. Boyd. He writes: “What is particularly sad about the current state of this debate is that Scripture seems to be playing a small role in it. Most published criticisms raised against the open view have largely ignored the biblical grounds on which open theists base their position.”

If it is so that published criticisms do not interact with the specific Scriptures put forth to support the “open” position, then I shall make a contribution toward rectifying this. In this essay I will interact with several of Dr. Boyd’s key proof texts, though space does not permit dealing with all of them. I shall show that the passages cited, if taken in their Biblical context, do not prove Dr. Boyd’s assertion that God lacks knowledge of some of the future.

You can read the rest of this article right here.

And then in this in-depth article about the heretical open theism of Greg Boyd from Personal Freedom Outreach G. Richard Fisher points out:

Gregory Boyd, professor of theology at Bethel College in Minneapolis, writes: “We might imagine God as something like an infinitely intelligent chess player.” The Apostle Paul wrote: “They … changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man.”

Is God really a lot like us? Is He growing, learning and unable to know all the future with any accuracy? Is God infinite or is He finite and limited in His knowing? Has the Christian Church really been wrong — or at least confused on these points — for 2000 years? Is God, after all, really just an infinitely intelligent chess player…

Boyd’s teaching is not new. It has a history and roots outside of evangelicalism that can be traced to the early 1800s and names like Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne,…

Baker Book House formerly printed books that were orthodox and Reformed. Early in 2000, it promoted in its advertising catalog Boyd’s book, God of the Possible, calling his view “the open view of God.” Baker said Boyd outlines “an alternate open view” to the traditional view that God always knows what will happen in the future.

For all the posturing and nuancing, the question boils down to this: does God know all the future or does He not? To say He might just know a little of or even most of it denies all the Scriptural passages that say He knows all of it. If He is ever-growing, ever-learning and adjusting, He is not unchanging. It appears Baker Book House is capitulating to a weak and terminal aspect of Postmodernism: the idea that everyone’s viewpoint is valid…

You can read the entire article by G. Richard Fisher here.

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