When I graduated from a Sourthern Baptist seminary I was versed in Karl Barth,…and Jugen Multmann; all the German theology that closed every church in Germany. And it wasn’t until I got in the Bible that I realized that most of what I had learned was worthless. And so you get into God’s Word; you get—you want to learn how to preach?

Find the preachers that God has most used throughout history and read them. Your Charles Spurgeon, who was a Calvinist; your Alexander MacLaren, who was not. Read books of men who were on fire; you read books of men who God used to change countries. Read their biographies; read their sermons, read their theology. You don’t wanna read a book from some man who was never used of God to do anything except waste trees.

And then find men on this earth that are walking now—they won’t be necessarily popular and they won’t have the biggest churches, but truth comes out of their mouth—and get there; and stay there, and learn from them. Come under a godly group of elders, who love you enough, to care about you, to teach you; be there, and learn.

Paul Washer, (Online source)