An Apprising Ministries reader wrote in to share some thoughts we now publish with permission:

I’ve got to tell you I’ve gone to your website many times today to feel refreshed so to speak. I can’t help it, but I need to stop, reading all these Christian blogs about Obama’s win. I can’t tell you how sick to my stomach I feel when these Christian bloggers talk about how excited they are he is elected. How can you be excited to elect someone that wholeheartedly supports partial birth abortion and wants to take money from the rich to give to the poor, that hangs out with known friends of terrorists? I just don’t get it. Just like I don’t get how people can follow Doug Pagitt and Rob Bell —- then I think these are probably the same people that just voted to elect Obama!

So I am here to read and learn and to be reminded that God is in control. As my pastor has reminded us through the whole election process – God builds up kings and he also tears them down. He obviously has a plan for us and maybe this will turn us more toward Him. I don’t know. It is easy to get scared of what the next 4 years holds, so I do my best to calm myself and turn to God. So I’m going to stop reading those Christian blogs that tout the great win of Obama and start reading the Bible more.

I’m just so sick of these emergent pastors spewing their brand of Christianity and leading people down the wrong path, I’m sick of Hollywood telling me to hug some trees, who to vote for and drive an electric car or I’m a bad person & I’m sick of it being ok to kill babies with a late term abortion yet our president is condemned for wanting to free a country from a communist dictator through war. How can I relate a win by Obama to the emergent leaders of Doug Pagitt and Rob Bell? Well, fact is I don’t believe any of them and I think they are leading people down a deceitful path. That’s my soapbox whether you agree or disagree. I do really enjoy your website and think it is a brilliant source of Emergent information. It inspires me to stop being so lazy and to learn more.

AM Reader