Being that I used to perform music on street corners in Compton and L.A. I’m really not an easy one to shock. But I do have to admit I was more than a little surprised to see the below from Emergent Church pastor Doug Pagitt over at his blog today.

Although he doesn’t mention Way of the Master Radio or Todd Friel by name Pagitt tells us that last year he “was on a radio show to promote a book I had just co-edited called An Emergent Manifesto of Hope.” He then tells us Friel referred to himself as “a fundamentalist” and talks about how the program “turned into this weird interaction about hell.”

Pagitt then informs us:

The folks at the show made a youtube of the interview and I have people ask me about it all the time. I had never listened to but today I found a transcript that a guy made of the show… I found it posted on a site where the blogger said “this kind of theology masquerading as true doctrine is scary.”

I think he was referring to my theology, but I, obviously don’t find my perspective on this scary, I find the perspective of the interviewer disconcerting. In so many ways this dialog is the reason I wrote A Christianity Worth Believing. Read it and conclude for yourself, but to me the way he talks about the Bible, strings together verses to make his own conclusions ought to cause pause.

Try not to get too distracted by the guy cutting me off – I can’t imagine how bad this all sounds on the recording. (Online source)

Above Pagitt wonders, “I think he was referring to my theology”; ya think? Pagitt claims to be a pastor-teacher sent by the Lord to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ yet when Todd Friel asks him rather pedestrian questions concerning basic doctrine of the historic orthodox Christian Church his answers are so far out there that we can’t even get a radar fix on them.

What amazes me is that Doug Pagitt wants to draw attention to all of this all over again. But hey, who am I to argue, so if you want to see what Apprising Ministries has said about this pathetic display by a leading spokesman for the Emerging Church I refer you to Doug Pagitt: After Death No Difference Between Believer And Unbeliever.