It was quite an encouragement today for me to read over at Cassidy Family Oahu:

Website of the Month

My website of the month is Apprising Ministries ( This ministry seeks to inform and alert believers of the many sources of error that are constantly finding their way into the evangelical church. The website also seeks to expose the false teachers who introduce these erroneous doctrines into the community of believers ( Peter 2:1-3). Let me know what you think.

In His Grace, Paul (Online source)

Since I don’t have an account I felt this would be a nice way to tell my brother and his family how much I appreciate the kind words and gesture in the Lord. He wouldn’t have any way to know the following. While we remain grateful for those who have been helping to support this work through their continued generosity these three years there are issues affecting AM. We are all facing difficult financial times and this also has a tough price for those of us in ministry who must depend totally upon God’s grace in supplying our needs through His people.
As hard as it might be to believe the type of research and writing I do is not popular and it requires hours a day, which I simply wouldn’t have if I was still in secular employ. I’ve also mentioned many times before that I HATE discussing issues related to funding. I take this opportunity to be clear that AM is not completely fulltime in that my wife Donna receives a fulltime salary from her secular office work and no matter how Biblical one tries to make an appeal ala 1 Corinthians 9 it still comes off sounding vain.
However, at the same time we don’t have “product” or a radio program to assist with finances so this is one of the only forums I have to cover this. The main point I will bring to your attention is now that the Richard Abanes issue has completely gone by AM’s readership has finally leveled off at almost triple where it was even a year ago. But at the same time my funding has also dropped off to half of what it has been so it’s with sadness I am beginning to consider whether my time here is drawing to a close.
But with pieces like the above from Paul Cassidy we then see a vivid reminder that as this apostasy spreads there’s a real need for an unusual discernment ministry like AM, one of the very few headed by a pastor-teacher, receiving letters on a daily basis such as:

I need help. I need prayer. I am not one who considers herself “mighty in the Word” although I would like to be. That said, I am seeing things in our ministry that don’t seem right, and yet, I don’t have the tools to combat it. To be specific, I need help as to a child. I need a place where I can find WHAT the emerging church is, how it started, characteristics of the church, who is behind this, etc.

I need to present this to my church elders because I feel that this is infiltrating our ministry, very slowly, but it is. I’ve never read R. Warren’s books, but I have seen him on TV, being interviewed on LK Live, and it “smelled of sulfur” if you know what I mean. I am going to read that book, though, and am organizing notes and Bible verses to show my church the error of this way.

Please help me with this, with your prayers and with something that will define the emerging church for me, and like I said, the characteristic and anything else. I am given many links and sites, but there is so much information, I get confused. Why? Because it assumes I already know what they are talking about. Do you have an Emerging Church Doctrine 101? :)

Thank you kindly.

AM Reader in Puerto Rico

Also like this:

Dear Ken,
just a note to say thank you for your work at A.M.I live in the U.K,have known the Lord for 25 years. Recently I had a dream which did not make much sense until I discovered your site.

DREAM-I was part of an army battling Saladin(Type of satan).The army was a pretty motely crew, mainly peasants poorly armed;however we were doing a good job holding our ground.Suddenly a voice said “Saladin is bringing out his centre,his silent monks”.The army was then desimated and I was captured by Saladin.In my hand were 5 precious stones,and he managed to steal 4 of them;fortunatly I was able to hold on to 1.I believe these stones represent truths held by the body of Christ,the solas.Thanks to your site the silent monks now make sense.

This is along winded way to say thanks and encourage you to continue exposing theft from His precious body. The church in the U.K is in deed in a poor state and no doubt these teachings will further weaken it.This dream is one of many i ve had concerning false teachers and prophets and matt 24 is very much on my heart.
To battle and prayer my brother,bless.
AM Reader in the UK.

And finally like this one:

Thank you for the Campolo piece! Trying to spread the word down here.

My son and I went to church yesterday for the first time since July 27 2007!!. No fighting or arguing with my wife. (She had to work, but that didnt stop the arguments in the past.) I know the death of our friend’s child and all that has been happening has broken her more.

God is so merciful and long suffering. You constantly told me to wait and be gentle on this subject. You were right. God is gently bringing her around, and she is coming around. It may be another year before she returns to church, but when she does it will be another miracle.

Thank you again pastor for your guidance, encouragement and counsel. You taught me patience. You taught me to see my wife and I as God sees us, and love her that way. I fail all to often but I strive to do so, now believing the invisable.

Thank you for your prayers. Please tell the folks at CRBC I said thank you for their prayers. I know whatever the Lord has in store for you this week He will be your strong tower.

To God be the Glory,

AM Reader in the Southeast

Now I will also tell you that I really don’t really think it’s time to stop trusting God will somehow provide a way for me to continue with AM fulltime. I still feel comfortable in the Lord that my solid research in the area of Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism, which I have just lately begun writing about in more depth, is very much needed by the Body of Christ. My main reason for bringing all of this up is to ask for concerted prayer for direction.

It may be that the disappointing issues are part of the Lord’s lead to perhaps begin moving out into speaking about the dangers related to the Emergent postevangelical rebellion against Sola Scriptura, which is the root of all this CSM stuff within evangelicalism anyway. However that said, as with hoping for a few churches to take AM on as part of their missions giving, nothing has yet materialized.

And so for now my brothers and sisters I press on along the Internet Front of this Truth War engaging in the battle to put out vital information. May the Lord continue to find a way to put it into the hands of those in the Body of Christ who are actually willing to make a stand during this time of growing apostasy. As he used to discuss the conflict involved with confronting error Dr. Walter Martin used to quote General Custer regarding the resultant confusion of battle: “When in doubt; ride to the sound of the guns.”

So in that vein, if I am to go down, then I reckon enemy forces are going to have to blow me right out of my saddle. ;-)