Apprising Ministries has been among those who have been warning of the semi-pelagianism within evangelicalism. This may even have been too kind because one could make a strong case that full blown pelagianism itself has slithered deep into the apostatizing American Christian Church.

All the more reason we come to a Biblical understanding of the true nature of unregenerate mankind, which Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse refers to below as “natural” man:

It is God Who tells us that in the heart of every one of us are the roots of those abominable evils which flowered in the annihilation camps of Germany. Jeremiah 17:9 is much stronger in the original tongue than in English; we read “the heart is deceitful above all things and incurably wicked.” When God calls a thing incurable, we may be sure that it is.

If preachers everywhere would constantly emphasize the fact that there is no good in man which can satisfy God, the need for the Gospel would be seen much more clearly. We believe that apart from this declaration there can be no thought of salvation in the heart of any man. Let us therefore boldly and unflinchingly declare the doctrine of total depravity, though it is undoubtedly the most unpalatable truth which can be presented to the natural man.