When Silas and Timothy came from Macedonia, Paul devoted himself exclusively to preaching, testifying to the Jews that Jesus was the Christ. (Acts 18:5)

Looking For A Few Like Silas And Timothy To Help

The issues which caused the new Apprising Ministries website to be built have finally subsided and readership has increased to well over double where it was with the old site. Again we wish to thank those of you who made the time to write AM for the first time with your kind words of encouragement. We also rejoice in our faithful AM family because of their own firm commitment to join the fight with is in God’s Truth War.

Briefly, for those new readers who don’t know, AM is an outreach of Connecticut River Baptist Church, which is a small SBC church of ten members or so who happen to meet in the home of one of our members. Being such a small fellowship there is no parsonage, fulltime salary etc. so AM was begun three years ago as a fully integrated auxiliary as a way for CRBC to help support their pastor and extend my ministry locally. The Lord, however, had other ideas. Within a month God gave us first one website for AM and then another in Christian Research Network

Beloved, by way the Lord has spread the reach of AM so far in three years as He has I remain firmly convinced that God has raised up it for such a time as this. Might you consider becoming a part of our AM family as we seek for people commited to pray regularly. In particular we are looking for prayer volunteers for what we call our IPU Unit (intercessory prayer unit) where I send the various prayer requests, which we are now receiving in increasing numbers.

May God bless you as you possibly consider becoming a church community willing to take AM on as part of its missions giving, or as you pray about becoming a regular weekly or monthly supporter of Apprising Ministries. As you seek the Lord about joining with us through your financial assistance I hope you’ll keep in mind that I have no support rallies, radio programs, or items to offer with which to raise funds outside of writing. And please also know that no gift, even a one time donation, is really too small because they will all help as together we ride to the sound of the guns!

Works like AM depend entirely on the generosity of the Lord’s people; however, being there’s no real overhead without a doubt it doesn’t take many people who are willing to sacrifice any amount each week/month to easily help support this labor in the Lord. In addition hopefully soon I will also be freed up to accept speaking engagements and travel into other areas as God begins to open even more doors for Apprising Ministries. And as always I remind you that those who will be commited to pray faithfully for AM actually wield the most powerful weapon the Lord has given His Church—the prayers of faithful saints.

Finally, we are praying that God will richly reward you as you ask Him what you might be able to do for AM. And as always you may give your tax deductible weekly/monthly gifts and/or make your offerings right on the website itself through PayPal or by check/money order using the address on our Donation Page.