In the Apprising Ministries article Man-Centered Gospel vs. God-Centered Gospel I pointed out that sola fide and sola gratia as used in the Protestant Reformation mean that while the sinner is dead in his trespasses and sins God Himself sovereignly regenerates those whom He will, which is the soli Deo gloria of monergism. And I also shared that the contemporary American Christian Church largely believes in synergism (man cooperates with God), while in stark opposition to the synergism of apostate Roman Catholicism, the Reformers (even before John Calvin) taught monergism.

Give this some thought and it should become obvious that by and large the man-centered gospel of postevangelicals like Purpose Driven Pope Rick Warren and Emerging Church icons ala Rob Bell is virtually Roman Catholicism minus their sacramental system; well, at least for now. It should then become clearer why we are seeing ecumenicists e.g. “Bible Scholar” Rick Warren Reversing the Reformation saying in contradistinction to the Protestant Reformers things like, “The Church, in all its expressions—Catholic, Evangelical, Pentecostal, Protestant and many others—has 2.3 billion followers.” 

With this as pertinent background we draw your attention to the following from AM’s sister outreach Christian Research Net:

In this segment of the Issues, Etc. radio program Dr. Rod Rosenbladt of the White Horse Inn is discussing Sola Fide. In the course of the program he is given the opportunity to respond to Rick Warren’s theology. During his response Rosenbladt blasts Warren’s false doctrine and calls Rick Warren a “Southern-Baptist Roman Catholic”.