It is with great pleasure that Apprising Ministries brings to your attention that a new edition of an old favorite The Sacred Sandwich is now online and in a magazine/blog-style format.

We’re also glad to pass on The League of Tyndale reports that The Sandwich offers RSS feed and emails to keep you right up-to-date on the latest small-town news in this big ol’ bad world. Also added to the new mix will be more new content, regular updates, and opportunity for reader reaction right online.

So AM encourages you to take a moment and visit The Sandwich. Please be sure to pass this important information along to your friends as well. The current feature piece is a most requisite report from the Bohemian Baptist concerning the fight for “sound” doctrine:

A tragedy of biblical proportion is poised to strike our land and silence the very voice of Christianity in America. According to Religion News Service, the FCC is in the process of taking the unused segments of TV airwaves and licensing them to major corporations like Motorola and Google. These corporations will then use these “white space” frequencies for their broadband Internet services. The problem is, these frequencies are the very same ones which are currently being used by wireless microphone systems in thousands of churches across the country… (Online source)

You can read this syntonic story from Bohemian Baptist here.