It was a blessing that the Lord graced me with yet another chance to be a guest on the Crosstalk program from VCY America and to join host Ingrid Schlueter. This time we discussed the apostasy that is rapidly growing today in the Evangelical community in Body of Christ. Sadly by attempting to do the Father’s supernatural spiritual job for Christ in the flesh we are grieving God the Holy Spirit.

Here is the description of the program:

Today it seems the church is so concerned with filling pews, that sometimes it will stoop to using sensationalistic, unbiblical methods in order to draw people.

Ingrid Schlueter presents an example from a church in Granger, Indiana. Granger Community Church has a provocative billboard that seeks to promote a sermon series on God and sex.

God will not be mocked in such situations where people try to supplant the Holy Spirit through the methods of the flesh. Ingrid and pastor Silva show how these methods are spiritual traps; that instead we should be asking for the filling of the Holy Spirit and his power to guide our lives and to build the church.

You can listen to the program here.