Earlier today on Christian Research Network my friend Mike Ratliff wrote:

When God drew me out of the seeker-sensitive darkness, one of the men God used to assist me with His wisdom and discernment was Jim Bublitz. I thank God for this man and his ministry. In any case, he is very ill. Here is a note from his website Old Truth.

To which I added that I was blessed to get to know Jim Bublitz when we served together on the original Slice of Laodicea website. Jim became a friend and he has always been dear to me. He’s been there to assist me when needed at Apprising Ministries through tech work and suggesting excellent study materials for my research. Jim, may the Lord heal you quickly and grant you complete health. Get well my dear brother as we all miss you very much and never stop thinking about and praying for you.

Beloved, a little while ago I received the following email and it only seems right in the Lord to share it with the Body of Christ that Jim served so faithfully:

Hi Ken,
You don’t know me but we both know Jim Bublitz. He is in the hospital right now and is not doing very well. His family is struggling and desperately needs prayer. I was wondering if you would write a post asking people to pray for him. You have a large audience and influence. Please consider him in his time of need. Thank you so much, a friend.

As I said when I sent this request out to the Apprising Ministries Update email list may God comfort Jim’s wife and show Himself strong on their behalf; completely heal Jim, guide the hands of the doctors and raise Jim up so that he can continue to minister to the Lord’s Church. And may God strengthen us all because there is very rough spiritual waters ahead as 1 Peter 4:17 judgments will be coming upon the Body of Christ. Let us never stop encouraging one another.