In this excellent piece at the blog of Midwest Christian Outreach pastor G. Richard Fisher completely dismantles the false front of tolerance which Emergent Church Swami Brian McLaren has erected for himself.

In setting up a very revealing quote from McLaren’s latest book Finding Our Way Again on so-called Spiritual Formation straight out of The Cult Of Guru Richard Foster Fisher begins:

Brian McLaren presents himself as all embracing as far as religions are concerned. In his latest book, Finding Our Way Again, his major premise is that we can go back to the middle ages and extract all the various mystical practices from Roman Catholicism (which are now being euphemistically termed “contemplative”) and throw them all together in a subjective stew in any manner and proportion that suits our spiritual fancy and come out just fine. If only he had gone back a little further and connected with the Apostles! The dark ages have nothing to offer us but dead traditions however there is life in God’s Word.

One thing that is very obvious in all of McLaren’s writings is that he is not as really all embracing as he pretends to be. No way. He selectively embraces. There is one bogey man that seems to always stand in his way… (Online source)

You can read Fisher’s article in its entirety here.