Unfortunately I am the one who initially made first Todd Friel of Way of the Master and then later Ingrid Schlueter, and both privately, aware of Ray Comfort being advertised quite prominently as sharing a platform with Word Faith heretics on the website for the recent Inspiring Excellence Conference (IEC) hosted by pastor Robb Thompson. Thompson is a Word Faith properity preacher who is good friends with the heretic John Avanzini of the magic rocks fame and the problem begins because this was not the first time Comfort had spoken at IEC. (Online source)

WOTM even advertised Ray’s 2005 appearance at IEC under “upcoming events” in their own June 2005 Living Waters Newsletter as referenced below:

Ray will be speaking at Inspiring Excellence Conference on July 21-22 in Tinley Park, IL (Online source, bold theirs)

And as I pointed out in You Really Wanna Be A Soldier Of Christ Jesus? sadly Ray Comfort and his WOTM ministry then made a really bad choice. They  painted me, as well as my friend and associate Ingrid, as the bad “guys” for trying to help Ray Comfort through our attempt to alert him to all of this behind the scenes. So now that he has decided to bring the matter up all over again with his own spin on it in the latest Living Waters Weekly Update, and because Ingrid only ended up becoming involved in this after I contacted her, I think it important to point interested readers to the piece quoted below from her Slice of Laodicea today:

A few weeks back, I raised the issue of Ray Comfort speaking at a Word of Faith Conference, again. Ray has a history of this and had spoke at the same conference with many of the same people before. Ray had been warned repeatedly by close ministry friends that his affiliation with people like Kenneth Copeland, John Avanzini, Mike Murdock and others was not a good idea.

To appear with these people, whatever your evangelistic motives, simply lends too much credibility to these men who are making huge amounts of money off their victims/followers. Ray claimed that he didn’t know who he was speaking with, and that he didn’t know his photo would appear on the conference website, but that he’d have to go ahead with speaking anyway because he gave his word… (Online source)

You can read the rest of Ingrid’s post here.

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