Apprising Ministries directs you to Herescope and a helpful article by pastor Larry DeBruyn. In it he explains how the corrupt Contemplative Spirituality/Mysticism, which flowered in the antibiblical monastic traditions of apostate Roman Catholicism has highjacked and twisted the idea of meditating upon Scripture.

It’s a crucial issue because that same form of corrupt “Christian” mysticism is a core doctrine of the Emerging Church and right now it’s currently being spread like a cancer thoughout evangelicalism e.g. by The Cult of Guru Richard Foster and his spiritual twin Dallas Willard. Among other things DeBruyn says:

One writer describes the “silence” of mystical prayer: “When one enters the deeper layers of contemplative prayer one sooner or later experiences the void, the emptiness, the nothingness . . . the profound mystical silence . . . an absence of thought.” In his new book Life with God, Richard Foster describes Spiritual Disciplines to be activities Christians engage in so that they might become the athletae dei, the athletes of God. Foster pairs some of the disciplines to be, “fasting and prayers, study and service, submission and solitude, confession and worship, meditation and silence . . .”

Both authors associate spirituality with contemplative prayer, meditation, and silence. These aspects of spirituality do seem to connect with one another. But biblically, do they?…  In this regard, John Calvin warns: “If Scripture does not direct us in our inquiries after God, we immediately turn vain in our imaginations.” But God has not called us to build imaginary spirituality through silent meditation… (Online source)

You can read DeBruyn’s article in its entirety here.