This new edition of Slicecast features my friends and fellow Christian apologists Ingrid Schlueter and Chris Rosebrough talking about the latest internal survey concerning Granger Community Church. Based on what the survey reveals pastor Mark Beeson is apparently going to be making some changes in this seeker-oriented church:

In this latest Slicecast, the guest is Chris Rosebrough. Chris is the publisher of and host of the Pirate Christian Radio program, Fighting for the Faith. In this edition of the program, the recent survey taken at Granger Community Church is the topic of discussion. When nearly 60% of Granger’s church attenders reject the authority of the Bible and over half don’t believe Jesus is the only way to salvation, are we even talking about a Christian church any longer? Can Granger’s Pastor, Mark Beeson, turn things around with a Wednesday night Bible study when his pop culture laden, entertaining Sunday morning service will reportedly remain unchanged? These are the topics at issue on this Slicecast. (Online source)

You can download and listen to the podcast here.