Over at Slice of Laodicea Ingrid Schlueter, founder of the Apprising Ministries outreach Christian Research Network, tells us:

Today on Crosstalk I will be discussing the statement posted recently on several websites by Richard Abanes that likens people such as myself and others to branch Davidian cultists. In his statement, Abanes expresses his deep concern over Christians who manifest the following traits:

1. a deep seated ‘us vs. them’ mentality
2. feelings of persecution
3. paranoia
4. A kind of xenophobic response to any and all attempts to have a more tolerant/civil approach to various issues.

Abanes opines,

“…Not surprisingly, such a perspective is also often linked to an extremist end-time obsession that acts as fertile ground for the planting, watering, and harvesting of all kinds of conspiracy theories related to such things as the anti-Christ, the Great Apostasy, and the so-called coming One World Government. This is all very disturbing, but God is in control…”

We’re going to let the tens of thousands of Crosstalk listeners hear what Mr. Abanes has posted publicly, and we will address this kind of trash talk going on about those who are Bible-believing Christians. The kinds of terms Mr. Abanes used will be examined today in light of historic propaganda efforts.

“Extremists, xenophobic, paranoia, isolationism, reactionary, isolating the mind from rational thought and logical analysis…” These are the kinds of words Mr. Abanes uses about those who raise a criticism of things like the Purpose Driven campaigns. If you oppose Mr. Warren, friends, you are, by definition, mentally ill and possibly dangerous.

You can listen live at 2pm Central at the website or to the archive later.