Noting my email inbox at Apprising Ministries it appears there are still questions and concerns about the article A Pastor’s Assessment of Richard Abanes. While answering an email from my friend Wes it occured to me that what I was explaining to him would actually help put this opinion piece back into its actual context. As a pastor I am mainly assessing the fruit of the Purpose Driven Life theology of Rick Warren, which is the root of this difference between Abanes and me, and using Richard Abanes as a backdrop.

Here I will remind people that the assessment article is really the finale to a couple of other pieces. This is what people just coming into this situation don’t know. In 2005 when I ended up having to write this opinion piece defending myself from Richard’s initial attack on me AM had only been online for a few days. I kid you not. Apprising Ministries had only come online around August 27, 2005.

So here is the link to my first time ever response to Richard Abanes who had for some reason decided he needed to single out my little web site. The assessment piece people are discussing is actually a response to Richard’s critque of the artcle I now point you to. Unfortunately his other web site, which I refer to in this piece was later deleted so I apologize that my links to his material cited are not available anymore.