Here at Apprising Ministries as I have closely monitored doctrines of counterfeit Christianity within the teachings of Emerging Church icon Rob Bell I see how thousands of young people have come to see Bell as teaching something unique in reaching out to the poor and being involved with social actions to benefit our fellow man.

Following is a devotion by Charles Spurgeon (1834—1892). In it you’ll see that godly Christian ministers have always taught that there is a secondary aspect of the Gospel of Jesus Christ where the Christian does what they can to make this world a better place. The Body of Christ does not need to follow false prophets of the Emergent Church rebellion against the word of God, e.g. such as Rob Bell and Brian McLaren and Dan Kimball and Doug Pagitt.

What is worse for those like the above who are attempting to get the Christian to jettison proper Biblical doctrine Charles Spurgeon was a one of those Calvinists so hated by the average Emergent. This means Spurgeon taught the doctrines of grace and faithfully preached the Gospel of monergism completely in accord with the Protestant Reformation.

And yet as you’ll clearly see Spurgeon was also concerned with works and evangelizing the lost:

(1 Thessalonians 2:19-20)

They who trust in God and follow him have another full reward, and that is the bliss of doing good. Can any happiness excel this? This joy is a diamond of the first water. Match me, if you can, the joy of helping the widow and the fatherless! Fine me the equal of the delight of saving a soul from death and covering a multitude of sins! It would be worth worlds to have faith in God, even if we lived here forever, if our sojourn could be filled up with doing good to the poor and needy and rescuing the erring and fallen. If you desire to taste the purest joy that ever flowed from the founts of paradise, drink of the selfish bliss of saving a lost soul. When faith in God teaches you to forgo self and live wholly to glorify God and benefit your fellow men, it puts you on the track of the Lord of angels, and by following it you will come to reign with Him.

I believe, brethren, that our lot, even when we are poor and sorrowful and cast down, is infinitely to be preferred t that of the loftiest emperor who does not know the Savior. Oh, poor kings, poor princes, poor peers, poor gentry, who do not know Christ! But happy paupers who know Him! Happy slaves who love Him! Happy dying men and women who rejoice in Him! Those who have solid joy and lasting pleasure who have God to be their all in all. (At the Master’s Feet, July 22)