Here’s the kind of absolute garbage your kids are being taught in your evangelical youth groups through wishful thinking like the following espoused by Emerging Church spokesman Doug Pagitt, pastor of Emergent wolf in sheep’s clothing Tony Jones, from A Christianity Worth Believing, his latest book of foolish fantasy:

Jesus was not sent as the selected one to appease the anger of the Greek blood god. Jesus was sent to fulfill the promise of the Hebrew love God by ending human hostility. It was not the anger of God that Jesus came to end but the anger of people. This world God created is one of peace and harmony and integration. Through Jesus, all humanity is brought into that world. And that is the point of the resurrection.

The story of Jesus Christ, of Joshua the Messiah, is about the healing of all creation. This was God’s promise from the start—that people would be God’s partners in the world… The Christian faith finds its center in the story of Jesus not because this is where the problem of God’s anger is solved. Jesus is the core of Christianity because it is through Jesus that we see the fullness of God’s hopes for the world. (194, 195)

Huh; “the Greek blood god”? You do know that Yahweh—the only God there is—instituted the sacrificial system to foreshadow Christ’s sacrifice, right. Um, Doug exactly what Bible have you been reading?

O wait; I know, maybe it was the Marcus Borg version—If Only God Was Like Me, Then I Could Love Me Him More

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