This short excerpt about apostate Roman Catholicism comes from Dr. Lloyd-Jones’ booklet entitled Roman Catholicism. It doesn’t have a publisher’s date but it appears to be circa 1970.

Concerning the subject of fighting against Communism referenced below one could just as easily substitute any of the current hot button social issues:

Need we be concerned about all of this? Ought we to be rejoicing that there is a new approach to Roman Catholicism? Should we not all be rejoicing in the fact that it is possible for us all to stand together as Christians over and against Communism? That is the question you have to face. For myself I do not hesitate about the answer.

This system is altogether more dangerous than is Communism itself, because this is a counterfeit, this dies it in the “name” of Christ… No, the Protestant Reformers were not just bigoted zealots, they were not just fools. These men had their eyes opened by the Holy Spirit. That is what happened to Luther, that is what happened to Calvin, that is what happened to Knox, that is what happened to all of them.

These men had their eyes opened, they saw it, they saw this horrible monstrosity depicted in the Bible in the warnings against it, and at the risk of even losing their lives they stood up and they protested. They said that it was not true. So they began to assert justification by faith, the supreme, final, adequate authority of the Scriptures, the universal priesthood of all believers and so on. They were ready to die for those truths, and many did die for them! (14)